Negative reviews on eBay - can they be deleted?

Hardly anything is as bad for a dealer or seller on eBay as a negative review. Every negative review ensures that the overall ratings go down in the positive percentage.

For customers, this is a sign that a seller may not be reliable.

Buyers definitely take the rating profile as a guide in deciding whether or not to buy from a vendor. If the proportion of positive reviews is high, the decision to buy is also much easier. In addition, a seller can only become a powerseller if the ratings are at least 98% positive.

Negative ratings are hardly ever deleted by eBay

If a negative review has been submitted, eBay does quite little here. Of course, the deletion can be requested. But this will only be done if buyer and seller agree or if the review contains an insult. If this is not the case, eBay does not really do much.

However, it is possible to request the deletion and also enforce it. If it becomes clear that the review is an untrue statement or a review with intent to harm, then eBay must initiate the deletion here. However, the seller must prove that this is the case. The prospects of success are usually increased by legal assistance.