Tips for creating successful eBay item descriptions

In order for the listed item to be found by prospective buyers at all, the item description is just as important as a detailed item description, which informs the potential buyer as accurately as possible about the item in question.

The item description in particular is the figurehead of every seller and, in addition to the product photos, is the deciding factor as to whether the buyer decides in favor of the respective product or not. Thereby not only the sales conclusion stands in the foreground, but the article descriptions must be at the same time also legally perfect. We would like to show you in detail what you have to pay attention to in eBay item descriptions and item descriptions.

Tips for creating meaningful item descriptions on eBay

A good search engine optimization pays off

On eBay there are only 80 characters available, which the seller can use to name his item as accurately as possible in just a few words. It is important that sellers take advantage of each of these 80 characters. Even though the actual item description may only take up 40 characters, the remaining 40 characters should be used to accommodate other features of the item there. In some cases, it may even make sense to use the incorrect spelling of some of the terms or brand names from the item description. Because again and again the potential prospective buyers mistype themselves with eBay and the own offer can be found then even with the wrong spelling perhaps as the only one in the search. This can give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

In addition, the keywords used in the item description should be as search engine friendly as possible. After all, eBay search results are now also displayed on Google. Therefore, search terms should be selected that clearly express what kind of item the auction is about. Brand names as well as the names of designers, artists or other public figures may only be used if it is an original brand product or if there is a direct link between the item and the respective personality. Surreptitious advertising is therefore not desired under any circumstances. Superfluous terms such as “high-quality” or “great” should also be avoided, as prospective buyers will almost never enter these search terms on eBay. With an item description that is as concrete and meaningful as possible, you have a much better chance of reaching more buyers on eBay.

Write meaningful item descriptions


Equally important is also the design of the respective item description. Above all, a sensible and clear structure in different paragraphs is essential. Lists can be just as helpful, so that the buyer can grasp the most important information about the respective product immediately at a glance. Incidentally, none of the details that are relevant to the purchase should be missing.

From size, performance, brand and material quality to the manufacturer, the age of the item and the country of origin, the most important product features should be named factually. It is important to avoid too much embellishment. Because many prospective buyers often react negatively to these. As far as the condition of the item is concerned, the buyer should not conceal any detail, no matter how small, and should not embellish the condition in any way, so that misunderstandings or similar problems do not arise in the first place. Any defects are also best recorded photographically.

Detailed information about the warranty and the exact scope of delivery are also a must. The return conditions should also be specified. If there is a story to tell about the item or if it has a few particularly noteworthy features, this information should only appear at the end of the item description. This is because not every consumer will be interested in these details, which is why it is important that the most relevant facts about the product in question are presented first. If you master these tips, you can probably encourage prospective buyers to make a bid based on this meaningful item description. In order for this to succeed, however, you should avoid these completely unsuitable item descriptions.